Sustainability at (Im)moral Fashion

January 22, 2020 0 By Immoral Fashion
Sustainability at (Im)moral Fashion

Immoral Fashion are dedicated to reducing the impact of online shopping on the planet with a number of initiatives to help reduce waste and avoid non-biodegradable materials.

Compostable Satchels

You might notice that some of your orders arrive in the matte black, fully bio-degradable & compostable satchels from Better Packaging Co.

Made from corn starch and other natural materials, these satchels can be re-used or composted and negate the need for traditional plastics.

Waste Reduction

As an online retailer, we receive a lot of packaging along with incoming shipments from our suppliers.

Boxes, satchels and packing material are reserved where possible and re-used when packing our daily orders. This helps to reduce waste and give these materials a second life.

We encourage our customers to re-use the packaging they receive where possible when returning items.